Cultural trends as seen through the lens of astrology

A dearth of "I Do"s - growing trend of the never-marrieds

Libra is the sign that signals partnerships and marriage. With Saturn now transiting this sign, we are becoming aware of its potential non-invincibility in our society. The number of those 18 years and older never married has now surpassed the number married. An important reason cited: the economy and the uncertainty about financial futures. Pluto in Capricorn, anyone?

The emergence of hotel art curators

Libra rules art. With Saturn now in Libra, a new trend of hotels hiring art curators has emerged as reflected in this New York Times article entitled "The Hotel as Art Gallery."

Roses on the menu

As Saturn transits Libra, we may see the upswing in popularity of foods and botanicals ruled by this sign. One example is roses, which is not surprisingly ruled by Libra, a sign associated with beauty, art, and romance.

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